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Robocaller could receive largest ever FCC fine, $120 million

According to a story on NPR, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is about to propose its largest ever fine, $120 million, against an illegal robocaller. He is said to have placed 97 million robocalls during the last quarter of 2016.

Additionally, has learned from a reliable source that the Mississippi Public Service Commission was a participant in the FCC investigation of this case. has recently encouraged its readers to inform the Mississippi Public Service Commission about unsolicited, illegal telemarketing calls received on personal telephones. Mississippi’s “Do Not Call” list has proven inadequate to stop calls from illegal and/or fraudulent sources, many of whom are using “spoofing” technology to disguise their identities. Spoofing makes it very difficult for the originating telephone number of a caller to be uncovered, as a fake number appears on the recipient’s caller ID.

The Public Service Commission has stated that if  Mississippians receiving these calls can get certain information (corporation name, call back number, etc) they have a better chance of pursuing the illegal caller.

See NPR’s story about the fraud and the fine:

To see how to report illegal calls to the Mississippi Public Service Commission.


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