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NAES Bullpup Pride Award winners, September 28

The following students at New Albany Elementary School received the Bullpup Pride Recognition Award because of their positive behavior during the week of September 28.

Bullpup Pride award winners for September 28, 2015

Bullpup Pride award winners for September 28, 2015

Pictured in no particular order are:  Denise Perez, Evelyn Urzua, Erick Flores, Ruben Vera, Sidney Carbajal, Willie Mullins, Preston Richardson, Emma Jarvis, Jordyn Mathis, Ashton Jones, Leah Harrison, Olivia Cross, Layton Hardy, Ethan Salas, Kaynia Tate, James Compton, Sarah Simpson, Maleyah Rogers, Nicholas Edwards, Ezekial Houston, D.J. Gardner, Allison Cruz, Stanley Gentry, Jillian Chism, Christian Fonseca, Camille Lee, Mikah Richardson, Katie Dallas, Maddox Clemmer, Easton Hatcher, Ashlyn Brown, Justis Kimmon, Ryan Magill, Mekalah Jones, Ethan Conlee, Mary Claire Dunn, Annsley Coleman, & Maci Jordan

Photo & Info from:

Melanie Shannon

Public Relations

New Albany Schools


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