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Bullpup Pride Award winners for October 13th

The following students at New Albany Elementary School received the Bullpup Pride Recognition Award because of their positive behavior during the week of October 13.

Bullpup Pride Award winners,October 13, 2015

Bullpup Pride Award winners,October 13, 2015










Pictured in no particular order are:  Jennifer Cruz, Morgan Cook, Colby Pickens, Jaylin Bowen, Trevor Thomasson, Elayna Granada, Caralina Treadaway, Abriella McAlexander, Isaiah Gilbert, Alaina Butler, Jacqueline Guerrero, Hunter Henson, Riley Rodgers, Asia Rooker, Isebella White, Daysia Carson, Everett Garrett, Christian Fonseca, Edwin Vargas, Allie Bullock, Drew Hobson, Tucker Parker, Kaleigh Penson, & Spencer Bridges.

Photo and information:
Melanie Shannon
Public Relations
New Albany Schools
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