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August Happenings: NAES Students of the Month

NAES New Albany Elementary School

Each month, a Student of the Month is chosen for each homeroom. This student is one who goes above and beyond classroom expectations. Congratulations to our August Students of the Month;

K-2 Students of the month August 2018 ) Click to enlarge/download photo)

GRADES K-2 AUGUST STUDENTS OF THE MONTH:  (in no particular order): Treaston Pate, Henry Peters, Logan Glasson, Aaliyah Floyd, Doro Smith, Journee Kimmons, Ayden Cullins, Harley Lumpkin, Nicholas Herring, Raylei Edwards, Aubree Hooker, Jose Cruz, Amarie Johnson, Maggie Grace Muncie, Jameson Conwill, Corey Smith, Chance Cox, Tara Garrett, Kaleb Chaffin, Cassidy Davis, Nevaeh Campbell, Josh Hicks, Ethan Salas, Marvin Jones, J.D. Avila, KaiLeigh Brudnicki, Easton Glasson, Olivia Hardy, and Kailon Martin.

Grades 3-5 Students of the month August 2018) Click to enlarge/download photo)

Grades 3-5 August Students of the Month: (in no particular order): London Foster, Angelina Nguyen, Alexia Williams, Khylee Foote, Rosa Saldana, Bailey Cook, Halley Bullard, Kameron Carruthers, Sam Ewing, Caylee Earl, Jennifer Tirado, Christopher Chen, Baylee Street, Rocio Garcia-Pablo, Taniyah Smith, Vonta Crayton, Darion Jackson, Katie Freeman, Caurie Clayton, Layla Whitehorn, Annsley Coleman, Candy Ordaz, Tarah Pickens, and Desrae Finley. curren story art 3-5 ST of MO

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