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City Beautification Committee announces awards, plans hardwood tree project

beautification committee Shown at the Hickman home (L-R) are: Jean Ashcraft, Sandy Shaddinger, Billye Jean Stroud, Mayor Tim Kent, Susan Hickman and Hudson Hickman

A private home on south Central Avenue and a retail shop on Main Street received “Beautification Awards” from the City of New Albany Tuesday afternoon.

city beautification

The Hickman home on S. Central Ave.

Susan and Hudson Hickman were honored for the landscaping work at their home on South Central Avenue. Mature shade trees, colorful flowers and a healthy, well-kept lawn make the home a particularly bright spot in that long-established neighborhood.

Joining in the presentation of the Residential Beautification award to the Hickmans were New Albany Mayor Tim Kent, City Beautification Committee Chair Jean Ashcraft, Beautification Committee member Sandy Shaddinger, and Main Street Director Billye Jean Stroud.

Beautification committee

(L-R) Jean Ashcraft, Kristen Kent, and Billye Jean Stroud prepare to place award at Southern Blue.

Southern Blue owner Kristen Kent received the Business Beautification award from Ashcraft and Stroud. The Beautification Awards are presented quarterly.

The New Albany City Beautification Committee was established during the 1990s by the Board of Aldermen to help identify needs and opportunities for improving the beauty of the city. The committee gets a small annual budget.

During recent years that money has been used for several projects. Among those projects have been:  the wrought iron street signs; downtown trees, planters and landscaping; up-lighting for downtown trees; roofline lighting downtown; and the new Christmas decorations.

This fall the Beautification Committee will sponsor planting native hardwood trees along Bankhead Street from the river bridge west to Highway 30.

Besides those named above, other members of the beautification committee are Jolyn Cook, Jane Ford, Sam Creekmore, and Ward One Alderman Amy Livingston.


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