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Which is the "real deal" and which is the BB pistol? The top handgun is a BB gun, powered by a CO2 cylinder. It is designed to look like a 1911 .45 caliber pistol, designed for the U.S. Army. The small bore "BB" pistol has enough muzzle velocity to do serious damage, especially if it hits an eye. The pistol on the bottom is a real .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol. Early in the 20th century the U.S. Army was fighting Muslim zealots in the Philippines. American soldiers found that when they shot the Muslims with a .38 Special revolver it often did not stop the fanatics. The Army asked John M. Browning to design a handgun that would stop them, and Browning invented the Model .45 caliber pistol. It was and is a stopper. A round from Browning's .45 may be deadly even if it hits a person on a hand or foot. The damage is so massive that a wound anywhere on the body may cause the person to bleed to death in a few minutes without expert medical aid. Displayed in a highly charged situation such as an armed robbery, the use of either one is a felony.

New Albany, MS- has received additional information about two local crime stories posted within the last several days:


Two additional persons have been arrested in connection with the armed robbery of the Trio Sales store on August 23rd.

Jimmy-Baldon New Albany Police Department (NAPD) officers have arrested Jimmy Baldon age 21, and charged him with being an “accessory after the fact” in the hold up. Jimmy Baldon had prior felony arrests and remains in custody.

Also arrested was Dewey Baldon, Sr., who was charge with “hindering a prosecution,” a misdemeanor. Dewey Baldon, Sr. is 54 years or age, and is the father of Jimmy Baldon. He has posted bond and been released from custody.Dewey-Baldon

Apparently the Baldons were found to be in possession of the handgun believed to have been used in the robbery. The weapon is a 9mm semi-automatic pistol, which the police now have.

Dorian King and Jeffery Jones were both apprehended by New Albany Police officers the same day as the robbery. They are accused of being the direct participants in that armed robbery early that Tuesday afternoon.

King and Jones told officers they had performed the armed robbery with a BB pistol and had disposed of the BB pistol near the scene of the holdup, but police say the 9 mm pistol was in fact the weapon displayed during the robbery

King and Jones remain in custody. Bond has been set at $350,000.



Updating another incident, a man who was shot multiple times in Myrtle last week has been released from the hospital. Doug White was released from The Med in Memphis, yesterday, August 29th. Cathy White, his wife, allegedly shot him six times August 24th with a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol. She was charged with aggravated assault and has been released on a $150,000-bond.

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