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Early influenza advisory issued by MS Health Department

The Mississippi Department of Health issued an early influenza advisory on Thursday, September 7th. The advisory went statewide to physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers.

Early Influenza Activity in Mississippi – Vaccine Recommendations.

Though early influenza activity has not been reported on a statewide basis, there are documented cases of influenza A H3N2 strain. The documented cases are from a college setting, and from a residential facility setting. These cases of proven influenza were reported in late August and early September.

Symptoms of Cold & Flu

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is testing the strains to determine whether the documented Mississippi strain is a  match for this year’s flu vaccine.

Typically, Mississippi’s influenza period begins in October, peaks between December and February, and lasts through March. However, influenza can occur at any time during the year and is monitored by healthcare providers throughout the year.

The appropriate vaccines are recommended for all persons age six months or greater. High risk populations include children 5 years of age or under, adults age 50 or over, pregnant women, those with underlying illness, and those living in long-term residential facilities.

Consult your local healthcare provider for information on vaccine advisability and availability.


To see the complete Mississippi State Department of Health advisory. Early Report of Influenza

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