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Fast-moving Thursday storm leaves some damages behind

fast-moving Thursday storm Clearing of wind-damaged limbs underway on Saturday July 21.

Workers used a truck-mounted crane Saturday morning to remove a large tree limb from a house in New Albany’s Northside neighborhood, where a fast-moving Thursday storm damaged large old trees.

Workers clear limbs from roof as damage assessment continues.

This tree fell on the house at 613 Cleveland Street, near the intersection of Cleveland and Garfield Streets, Thursday evening, July 19th.

There were no injuries and damage to the house appeared to be limited. A chimney was damaged and there appeared to be some damage to the roof and facia boards.

Fast-moving Thursday storm

Homeowners report no injuries, and appear to have suffered relatively minor damages.

Other Northside residents are known to be dealing with (hopefully) minor tree-related problems in the wake of the fast-moving Thursday storm.

Thanks to our friend and loyal reader, Joe Wilson, for this story tip and photos.

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  1. Pat Norman // July 25, 2018 at 2:12 PM //

    House I grew up in! Glad it didn’t cause major damage. That was a big branch!

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