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Fire and rescue teams receive special training

Rescue workers from around North Mississippi trained in New Albany Monday on work to rescue trapped ag workers from grain bins.

New Albany, MS- Fire and rescue workers from around North Mississippi received a day of specialized training Monday, Feb. 6, in New Albany.

Serious accidents and deaths, resulting when agricultural workers are buried in bins of corn or soybeans have increased as grain storage has increased in recent years. They are called grain entrapments.

A grain entrapment occurs when a victim is buried in grain beyond self-extraction. In a grain engulfment, the victim is entirely covered beneath grain. Half of grain entrapments lead to engulfments, which are almost always fatal.

Grain that clings to bin walls can quickly cascade to the center, burying a worker. Grain entrapments are more likely when the grain has a high moisture content, causing individual grains to “crust” together.

One such accidental death occurred in north Mississippi last year.

Benton Mosely, a Farm Bureau safety officer, was interviewed by New Albany TV99’s Jean Ashcraft and Cindy Luther.

The Monday training was done at the Union County fairgrounds and was conducted by Mississippi Farm Bureau, which has a special safety training team for rescue workers.

John Hubbard, a Farm Bureau safety officer from Jackson, was in charge of the training exercise and Benton Mosely, another Farm Bureau safety worker, also helped train area rescue workers.

The Union County Emergency Management department and the New Albany and Union County fire departments hosted the day of training.

To see New Albany TV99 video of presentation:


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