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Fire guts house on Thomas Circle in New Albany

Thomas Circle fire NAFD crews are shown tending to the care of fire hoses after they extinguished the fire Friday night on Thomas Circle. Fire hose is expensive, and firemen follow strict procedures drying it and stowing it away after use.

The occupants of a house on Thomas Circle in New Albany lost “most everything they had” in a fire shortly after 8 pm Friday evening, Aug. 10.

Thomas Circle fire

The outer structure of the frame house showed little damage but the interior and contents were a near total loss.

Firemen of the New Albany Fire Department (NAFD) were on the scene quickly and extinguished the fire. The outer part of the structure showed little damage in the dim light, the main illumination coming from the flashing lights of two fire trucks.

However, NAFD Chief Steve Coker told that the contents and interior of the small wood frame house were lost or extensively damaged.

Thomas Circle fire

NAFD Chief Steve Coker (left) and Deputy Chief Mark Whiteside are shown at the fire scene Friday evening.

The occupants of the house were away at work, and there were no injuries.

Thomas Circle is on the west side of New Albany on the south side Bankhead St. (Highway 178), north of Interstate 22, and west of Munsford Drive.

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