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Indoors, Outdoors: a catty tale of winter in New Albany

This lucky bowl of cats lives in Athens, Greece, where most cats are of the "Outdoor cousin" variety.

Once upon a time there was a house in New Albany, where Indoor (Lilly & Busty) and Outdoor (Jackie & Whitey) cousins lived lives of mutual, periodic dissatisfaction. The Indoor cousins never missed a chance to attempt escaping to the freedom of the outdoors, where adventure awaited them. The Outdoor cousins, bored with their lives of adventure, peered in the doors and windows at the life of quiet comfort just out of their reach. Outdoor cousins looked forward to nights of extreme weather, when they could come inside….and howl to get out.


Begin at “Outdoor cousins comin’ up the walk” to enjoy the tale from beginning to end.

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2 Comments on Indoors, Outdoors: a catty tale of winter in New Albany

  1. Excellent winters day tale. Those cats are “lucky dogs!” You are sweet to make sure they are all cared for.

  2. Susan Scott // January 22, 2016 at 3:23 PM //

    AWWWW!! I loved the “Tale of Two Kitties”
    If there was a cloning of the Loonan sisters I would venture to say pitiful stray cats would be a thing of the past. We came close with the children we raised, still just not enough of us to go around for all the needy cats. From Greece to New Albany MS and points in between we give them our best effort. Sweet, sweet, story.

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