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Myrtle will begin the holiday season with Christmas Parade

2015 Myrtle Parade

The Town of Myrtle Mississippi will begin the 2016 Christmas celebration with the 3rd annual Christmas Parade at 6pm Friday, December 2*.

So, if you (or your kids) are still wanting to participate in a parade, or see Santa arrive in the area, you will have another oppontunity in Myrtle.

2014 Myrtle parade

2014 Myrtle parade

Lineup will begin in the parking lot of the Myrtle Attendance Center at Megginson Street.  Floats, cars, horses, motor cycles, ATVs, trucks and walkers are welcome.  Position numbers may be obtained between 4:00 and 5:30 pm in the school parking lot.

Myrtle Parade, 2015

Myrtle Parade, 2015

2016 Grande Marshall, Michael Hale will lead the parade for spectators watching from Myers Park, Church Street, the Myrtle Methodist Church Parking Lot, Temple Baptist Church on North Street and Bankhead Street.

The City of Myrtle welcomes your participation.  So come out, bring the family and celebrate this joyous season.

If you have questions or to reserve your spot please call 662-988-2220 or 662-539-1419.

( received information that stated Friday, December 4th. However, previous information from Myrtle indicated Friday December 2nd, so that is the day we used.)

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