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New Albany Cracker Barrel making good progress

New Albany MS Cracker Barrel. Cracker Barrel restaurant under construction in New Albany. Photo taken Wednesday February 1, 2017

New Albany, MS–  A  February 1st photo of the New Albany Cracker Barrel Restaurant now under construction  shows significant progress at the site. The popular restaurant chain is set to open its Cracker Barrel Old County Store’s location in New Albany in May of 2017.

The Cracker Barrel Restaurant will seat 180 customers, many of whom will likely come from I-22 traffic.  Customers will be served by about 175 employees, both full-time and part-time, potentially creating significant impact on local employment.  In addition to new jobs, the restaurant will substantially boost city coffers by paying its 2% tourism tax.

It’s good news all around, except for potential added congestion at the I-22-Highway 30-Coulter Road malfunction junction near Baptist Hospital. The complicated nature of this intersection is already a safety issue. Frequently, motorists (possibly headed to the Waffle House), mistakenly turn right too soon. They are then going the wrong way on the the I-22 westbound exit, putting themselves and I-22 traffic in danger.

For the few who do not already know, the site of the restaurant is off Coulter road between the  I-22 Glenfield and Highway 30 exits, near the Hampton Inn.

Why the Malfunction Junction problem may not be fixed anytime soon: MDOT funding is seriously inadequate

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