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New Albany High School 2017 Beauty Review

NAHS Beauty Review New Albany High School 2017 Beauty Review

New Albany High School held its annual beauty review on April 1, 2017.  Sydney Collier was crowned Most Beautiful and Overton Johnson was named Most Handsome. Beauties included Ivy Jennings Jordan, Molly Beth White, Adalyn Aldridge, and Kenidi Sanders.  Beaus included Perry McKinney, Alex Ball, Hayden Anderson, and Peyton Reeves.  Spirit of the Pageant winners were Crystal Calvin and Perry McKinney.

Beauty Review 2017

New Albany High School 2017 Beauty Review


Pictured l-r: Beau Alex Ball, Beauty Kenidi Sanders, Beau Peyton Reeves, Beauty Adalyn Aldridge, Most Handsome Overton Johnson, Most Beautiful Sydney Collier, Beauty Molly Beth White, Beau Perry McKinney, Beauty Ivy Jennings Jordan, and Beau Hayden Anderson.






NAHS Beauty Review

NAHS Beauty Review: Most Handsome Overton Johnson & Most Beautiful Sydney Collier

Spirit of Pageant

NAHS Beauty Review, Spirit of Pageant Winners: Perry McKinney & Crystal Calvin


















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