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New Albany JROTC to commemorate Bataan Death March

Bataan Death March Bataan Death March prisoners: National Archives

Members of the New Albany JROTC would like to invite interested persons to join them on a recreational hike to commemorate the Bataan Death March.

The Bataan Death March happened 75 years ago in the Philippines. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, they immediately started a siege on the Philippines. Thousands of Filipino and US troops were taken prisoner and brutally force marched to prison camps. Many of those that survived the march later starved in the prison camps.

Join us as we remember those who gave their tomorrows for our todays. The hike will begin at the Trailhead Plaza at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 6 and end at the same location. Total length of the hike will be 14 miles.

Jeffrey Gammel

A Bataan Death March survivor’s story:

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