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New Albany police currently investigating reported crime at Tractor Supply

New Albany police investigate vehicle of alleged suspects in reported credit card fraud. Photo taken at 7:31PM Saturday August 13, 2016

New Albany, MS– New Albany police are currently investigating a crime involving fraudulent charges to a credit card.

Two or more males entered Tractor Supply in New Albany early Saturday evening and charged over $3000 for merchandise, including a towable trailer and two lawn mowers. The men then left the premises, possibly in a red Ford SUV with Shelby County, Tennessee, license plates.

The men went from Tractor Supply to the New Albany Lowe’s, by which time the New Albany police had been notified that Tractor Supply had been the victim of fraudulent charges.

One male was apprehended in Lowe’s and is now in the custody of the New Albany Police Department. At least one other male appears to have fled the scene.

An investigation by New Albany police is currently under way.

Information in this story came from’s real-time observation, and from an unofficial source we know to be generally reliable. has been in contact with the New Albany Police Department officials and will post more information as police officials make it available to us.

For the follow-up on this story, see: Two quickly captured

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