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The voters have spoken in the New Albany school bond election

school bond election Dr. Lance Evans, superintendent of the New Albany public school system, speaking to the City Board on August 7th about the special bond issue election.

Voters who live in the New Albany School Dictrict boundaries voted in a special election today to determine whether to approve an $8.5-million bond issue.

By an overwhelming percentage of votes, the bond issue was approved. Only 14.33% of the eligible registered voters turned out for the election.  A total of 877 votes were cast, with 811 in favor of the bond issue, 66 opposed. The bond issue vote was approved by 92.47% of the voters who took part in the special election. Passage of the bond issue required approval of 60% of of the votes cast in the election.

For information on why the school district board asked for the $8.5-million and how it will be spent:

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