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How to help the Mississippi PSC track down illegal telemarketers

telemarketing would like for its readers to consider contacting the office of MS Northern District Public Services Commissioner, Brandon Presley, about illegal telemarketers’ calls. They need specific information from the public that will assist them in discouraging these invasive calls.

There is now a Mississippi “No call list” for cell phones, but many marketers are using techniques that make it possible to ignore the no-call register. Telemarketers are using all manner of tricks to hide their identity.  Most recently, they have adding “spoofing” calls to their bag of tricks. Spoofing makes it possible for them to call from one number and make another number show on your phone.

Illegal telemarketers are generally careful to give out little specific information. They often hide behind “contests, sweepstakes, give-aways, etc.” to persuade the phone owner to listen to their message. Some are robo calls, and will call several times within a few minutes if the call goes unanswered.

The PSC is asking the public to give them information on specific personal names, corporations mentioned, any call-back numbers left on voicemail messages, etc. This information can be investigated, unlike the possibly “spoofed” number that shows up in caller ID. The PSC staff will take your information over the phone. This reporter recently contacted the PSC  with information on one telemarketer; it took less than five minutes. They will also ask the time you received the call, and for permission to verify your phone records with your service provider. You may call them at : 1-800637-7722.

Commissioner Presley states that he and his staff will pursue these illegal calls, if given enough verifiable information. The telemarketers are slick, but an informed public can assist in  making the invasions of our privacy far more difficult and costly.

Additionally, the PSC has compiled a list of smart phone apps and hardware that are on the market to help slow down calls.

Please see the link below for an article from Commissioner Brandon Presley on this subject. It gives information on problems with pursuing the telemarketers, and the information required to track them. Also, they have information on apps to help with the illegal calls.



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