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Recent rains were welcome, but more is needed

Wildfires rage in several southeastern states.

New Albany, MS- Weather watcher, Joe Wilson, notified that our area received 1.27 inches of rain on Monday and 1.57 inches on Tuesday. The total for those days is 2.84 inches, but our area is not yet “out of the woods.”

As this article is published, our sister state of Tennessee is reporting  at least 10 people killed in a wildfire that spread from Great Smoky Mountains National Park into the eastern Tennessee resort city of Gatlinburg this week. Additionally there are many persons still missing in areas which have been overwhelmed by wildfires.

According to the National Park Service, the Gatlinburg fire began days earlier on a mountain trail 10 miles south of the city. Though strong winds, fallen power lines and drought conditions have helped spread the fires, investigators believe the original fire was “human caused.”

More than 30 wildfires have been reported in Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

According to Deputy Chief Mark Whiteside, of the New Albany Fire Department, North Mississippi remains a part of the state-wide burn ban issued by the Governor, so we must continue to be vigilant and to heed the burn-ban warning.

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