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Santa arrives in New Albany, will make other appearances

Santa Santa arrives in New Albany for 2017 visit

Santa arrived in New Albany on Monday, November 27th. This year, though he arrived as usual, amidst the traditional Christmas Parade, he did not choose his traditional sleigh and reindeer. Perhaps going for more eco-friendly transportation, he chose a white open carriage, laden with gifts and gaily decorated for the Christmas season.

However he chooses to arrive, Santa is always welcome at this time of year. We hear that he will be making an appearance later this week at the Community Tree Lighting ceremonies. And, if interested, you may be able to ride in a carriage very similar to Santa’s at the tree lighting.

He will, we are told, also make his traditional stop at our local museum. More about that a little later.

Merry Christmas!

For more information about the Tree Lighting.



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