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Santa will try again to arrive in New Albany Christmas parade

New Albany Christmas parade 2016 Christmas parade

New Albany, MS- The New Albany/Union County Christmas Parade has been rescheduled for Tuesday, December 13th. The date of the parade is normally the Monday after Thanksgiving with the following Tuesday being the alternate date in case of rain. This year, however, both the traditional and rainout date were rained out.

Because both the official date and alternative dates had been rained out, organizers believed policy was to cancel the event altogether. However, it soon became clear on social media and through phone calls that folks did indeed want a parade and so the accommodation was made. New Albany is not the only city to have gone through changing up the dates, many in the state have done so, and cities like Starkville, Ridgeland and Madison had to cancel theirs altogether.

The parade now is scheduled for 6pm on Tuesday, December 13. Those who originally registered for the parade have been contacted and invited to this new date. Area school bands will likely not participate because the date falls within mid-term exam week for students.

For more information about participating in the parade, contact Sean Johnson at 662-534-1047.

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