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Second truck accident on Hwy. 30 in two days causes serious injury

A collision in New Albany between a pickup truck and a semi-trailer truck early Sunday evening caused serious injuries to the pickup driver.

The crash on Highway 30 near its intersection with Martintown Road occurred at about 6:00 pm.

According to reports from official sources, the driver of the tractor-trailer truck was apparently attempting a U-turn on the highway. The pickup truck struck the tractor-trailer while it was blocking both lanes of Highway 30.

The pickup, westbound on Highway 30, struck the tractor of the semi unit in the area where the tractor’s fuel tanks are located. There was no explosion, but there was extensive damage to the pickup.

Emergency medical personnel at the scene decided to transport the pickup driver directly to the emergency department at the Tupelo hospital.

New Albany Police Chief Chris Robertson said the driver of the semi-trailer unit was taken into law enforcement custody.

This was the second truck accident in Union County within two days. The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) took charge of cleanup at the accident scene.

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