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“Swamp Flower” now blooms in downtown New Albany

New Albany MS Swamp Flower L-R. Sean Johnson, Earl Dismuke, Sam Creekmore with "Swamp Flower" sculpture now on display in downtown New Albany.

“Swamp Flower,” a sculpture by Louisiana artist Mia Kaplan is now on display in New Albany. The sculpture has been installed in a new “pocket park” on Bankhead Street, across the street from the police station. “Swamp Flower” was most recently displayed at the University of MS, and has been displayed in New Orleans and throughout the South.

Pocket park Swamp Flower New Albany ms

L-R) Ben Burks, Earl Dismuke, Charlie Heath and Stephen Kent are shown after they finished installation of “Swamp Flower,” Sunday afternoon, March 19, 2017.

Works of art will be rotated through the park on a routine basis. Swamp Flower was installed on the afternoon of March 19th, 2017, and will be on display for two years. The sculpture display park came about as the result of an idea by Sam Creekmore, with assistance from the efforts of City of New Albany Tourism, Union County Heritage Museum, New Albany Main Street and the Union County Development Association. The Shands family has leased the small park property to the city for a one dollar per year.

Kaplan’s “Swamp Flower” is made of solid steel and weighs in at 4000 pounds. New Albany Light, Gas and Water unloaded and placed the statue.

For more about the “pocket park’s” development:

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