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The Bankhead Bicycle Club is open for business

A smooth opening night for New Albany's newest eatery

 The sign went up late last week, and tonight the Bankhead Bicycle Club opened for business.

Although the opening was not heavily promoted, Frank Vainisi’s new restaurant at 108 West Bankhead did a brisk opening night business.

We had supper, and it was one of the smoother first nights for a restaurant we’ve seen. Everybody from the kitchen to the wait staff seemed to know what they were doing and how to do it and did it well. That’s not something you often see the first night a new eatery is serving customers.

The Bankhead Bicycle Club (BBC) menu features several unique appetizers, a lot of specially dressed burgers, pizza, fish and salads.

The food was excellent. I had a burger dressed with cheese, Kalamata olives, onions and a special house sauce; very tasty. Also a robust dark beer, which I’d never heard of before but will certainly have again; sort of like a Guinness but with less head and more flavor.

Others in our party had pizza, fish, and portabella burgers. Everybody was full and happy.

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