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Union County Humane Society to hold Chinese Auction fundraising event

THE NEW YOU (4)Want to have a fun night out and win great prizes? Come to our Chinese Auction!

The Union County Humane Society is having their first annual UCHS Chinese Auction (Raffle) on April 16th, 2016! The auction will be held at the Family Life Center behind First Baptist Church in New Albany, MS from 5 p.m.- 8 p.m.

At 7 p.m. we will begin pulling winners. You must be present.

The cost is $5 at the door for your first sheet of 25 tickets and $3 for each additional sheet!

*Big Win Basket Tickets sold separately.

Have you heard of a Chinese Auction before?

Chinese Auctions are fun events for communities to come together to win great prizes and support local causes.

Chinese Auctions are large raffle events.

There will be dozens of prize baskets for participants to bid on. Some are larger than others but they all have great prizes inside!12525165_1058414454211492_3016320490305587540_o

How do you bid?

Bidding is simple. You buy sheets of auction /raffle tickets. Place your tickets to win any basket you want. You can place one ticket in each, all of your tickets in one, and anything in between. It’s up to you!

$5 at the door will get you your first sheet. Then it’s only $3 for every subsequent sheet of 25 tickets! Low costs let you have fun bidding on the numerous baskets we have.

We will also have BBQ plates.

For more information, email

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