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Union County Sheriff’s Department locates marijuana plants near Union County

Union and Tippah County Sheriff's departments discover two marijuana cultivation sites.

Union County Sheriff Jimmy Edwards has informed that his office participated in a raid today involving illegal cultivation of marijuana. The Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics notified the Union County Sheriff’s Department earlier today regarding information that marijuana plants were being cultivated “somewhere near Union County.”

Sheriff Edwards, Chief Deputy Johnny Bell and three other Union County deputies went to a site in Tippah County, along with deputies of Tippah County Sheriff  Karl Gillard. There they discovered 90  marijuana plants under cultivation. Three persons were arrested in connection with this marijuana patch, and were taken to the Tippah County jail for processing.

Officers found a second cultivation site, which turned out to be almost on the Tippah/Union County line. At the second marijuana cultivation site, 102 plants were found. No additional arrests were made today in connection with the second site. will update this story if further information becomes available.

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