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UPDATE: Two captured quickly, arraigned for credit card fraud

Union County Jail

New Albany, MS- Two Memphis men charged with credit card fraud remained in the Union County jail, Monday evening, August 15th. They had not posted bail of $25,000 set in New Albany municipal court earlier Monday.

Eldridge Buford, age 42, of 1238 Will Scarlett Drive, Memphis, and Torries Williams, also aged 42, of 1332 Coker Street, Memphis, were charged in connection with a Saturday evening credit card theft incident at Tractor Supply Company.

New Albany Police Chief Chris Robertson said the two used a fraudulent credit card to acquire merchandise at Tractor Supply Company. Robertson said the phony credit card had the appearance of a legitimate card, and the name on the card was the same as on the identification that was presented. However, the card number on its magnetic strip belonged to a different individual. The credit card company disallowed the charges and notified store employees of the fraud.

Although Tractor Supply employees realized the theft had occurred, Buford and Williams were allowed to leave with the stolen merchandise, including a trailer and two lawn mowers.. This is said to be consistent with training the employees receives, and avoids a dangerous confrontation inside the store.

New Albany police officers were notified immediately and received a description of the two African-American males, the clothing they wore and their motor vehicle.

Police Chief Robertson said Bufford and Williams drove their red Ford SUV to the Lowes store, less than 200 yards away, while towing the stolen trailer loaded with the two stolen lawn mowers. They parked the vehicle on the Lowes lot and entered the Lowes store.

Police officers discovered clothing that had been worn by the men abandoned in the Lowes men’s room. The clothing had apparently been discarded so it would not match clothing the men were observed wearing at Tractor Supply.

They left the vehicle, including the stolen items, on the Lowes parking lot and left on foot.

NAPD officers captured Buford and Williams at the Zaxby’s Restaurant immediately next door to Lowes less than an hour after the theft occurred at Tractor Supply.

For earlier article regarding this event: NAPD investigating crime at Tractor Supply

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