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Vandalism spree destroys dozens of Union County mailboxes

Union County Sheriff Jimmy Edwards is asking for information from the public to help determine the extent of property damages inflicted on mailboxes in the Jericho and Alpine communities Monday night, May 25th.

Three juveniles were taken into custody Tuesday morning, after mailboxes were vandalized late Monday night. Dozens of mailboxes were destroyed in the two communities. Edwards said that some were pulled from the ground using chain, some tipped over by a four-wheeler, and others were knocked off their bases with a bat.

Sheriff Edwards says that about 75 mailboxes were destroyed along MS State Highway 9 north and along County Roads 170, 171, 174, 176 and 309. He asks that anyone who had a mailbox destroyed in this vandalism spree call the Sheriff’s Department (pnone: 662-534-1943) to report their losses.

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