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BNA Bank’s Witt named UCDA 2017 Citizen of the Year

UCDA Citizen of Year Dr. Tommy Barkley presented Vance Witt with the Citizen of the Year Award

New Albany banker and civic leader Vance Witt was named 2017 Citizen of the Year at the annual Union County Development Association (UCDA) banquet Tuesday night.

Sean Suggs, Toyota

Sean Suggs is vice president for manufacturing of Toyota Mississippi

The presentation was made by New Albany physician Tommy Barkley, a member of the UCDA board.

Witt is board chairman of BNA Bank, headquartered in New Albany. A graduate of the University of Mississippi, Witt was a practicing CPA before he went to work as a teller at the bank, then known as Bank of New Albany. BNA has grown into a six-bank operation under his leadership

Baptist Memorial Hospital- Union County was named Business of the Year. The award was accepted by Walter Grace, the hospital’s administrator, who is also the incoming president of Union County Development Association.

Rusty Berryhill UCDA

Rusty Berryhill has completed two years of service as president of the UCDA.

Rusty Berryhill, president of the UCDA for the last two years,  remarked about his tenure and passed the gavel to Grace.

Sean Suggs, vice president for manufacturing of Toyota, Mississippi, was the principal speaker for the event. Suggs showed a professionally produced video about Toyota’s Blue Springs manufacturing facility.

The annual event, attended by more than a hundred individuals, was held at the New Albany Middle School Cafeteria and was catered by Nichols Grocery of New Albany.



UCDA Banquet 2017:


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