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Wrong pedal pushed at the wrong time and it’s “lights out”

wrong pedal Just hangin' around on a summer afternoon.

In New Albany, a foot on the wrong pedal and three seconds can add unwanted drama to a mild summer afternoon.

Shortly after 2 pm, Monday, June 26th, a motorist leaving a parking area on the north side of Bankhead Street took a swift ride backwards across Bankhead.  The quick trip ended with the rear end of her car several feet in the air.

Police said there were no serious injuries.

NAPD officers believe the woman put her car in reverse and then floored the accelerator pedal of her sedan when she intended to touch the brake pedal.

Her car struck the guy wires of a utility pole in front of a parking lot of the First Baptist Church, hung there and then spun around facing south instead of north.

Emergency personnel extracted her from her nose-down car. A Union Wrecker Company crew, working with New Albany Lights, Gas, and Water personnel then untangled the car from the utility installation, lowering it to the ground.

Power was out in a part of downtown New Albany for about 30 minutes as a result of the wrong pedal pusher.

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