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A ghastly sight on Cleveland Street, New Albany

Cruelty to animals may be the first sign that there is something wrong in a child’s life…..When a child hurts an animal, people need to pay attention. (Lewchanin & Randour, 2008)

On Monday, April 2nd, witnesses reported a grisly incident shortly after sunset — perhaps 7:35 p.m. — just two blocks north of Bankhead Street in downtown New Albany:

A dirty, older model, four-door white pickup, white chrome rails atop the sides of the truck bed, was speeding down Cleveland Street. There was a small animal tied to the back of the truck, bouncing along the asphalt pavement. A small brown creature, perhaps 18 inches long and 12-15 pounds, flipping and flopping, tethered to the back of the old truck by a cord. In the cab of the truck, greatly enjoying this macabre merriment, were two white boys, both wearing baseball caps.

When they realized they were being observed the boys pulled into the gravel drive on the east side of the Producers Compress and Warehouse building at the northwest corner of Railroad and Cleveland Streets. The truck stopped, the juvenile on the passenger side jumped out and threw the abused creature into a dumpster. The strange boys then quickly left the scene.

We found the story disturbing, so went there, and took the photo herewith. The animal seems to be a groundhog, sometimes also called a wood chuck or a whistle pig. Quite horribly dead.

Witnesses promptly reported the story to the New Albany Police Department. We do not know whether this disgusting behavior is a misdemeanor. It wasn’t somebody’s housecat or pet dog or child –this time– and some may consider it a trifling event. Maybe they’re right.

We don’t count ourselves as animal rights radicals, but the whole thing struck us as ghastly, shocking and worrisome.

This happened Monday evening, April 2, a little after sundown. If you know anything about this incident and find it as disgusting a we do, send the information in confidence to on our TCB feature:

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  1. Paula H Coker // April 3, 2018 at 12:02 PM //

    Sick and depraved! They need to be held accountable and dealt with as criminals. We need harsh laws to deal with people who behave like maniacal animals! Tell me what I can do to help bring about powerful ways to deal with this type idiocy.

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