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Biscuits & Jam Farmers’ Market and the summer solstice

Biscuits & Jam Farmers' Market The third Biscuits & Jam Farmers' Market of the 2018 season.

Relatively moderate temperatures and humidity on the summer solstice made it a nice evening to be out and about in New Albany, Mississippi. Temperatures in the low to mid 80s created a comfortable experience, especially for those who have learned how to move slowly during the summertime.

The Biscuits and Jam Farmers’ Market shifted its time slot from Saturday mornings to early Thursday evenings this year. Because people come and go during the three hour event, it’s hard to say how many are present at any one time. However, market organizers say that their counting mechanism accounts for over 750 people in attendance Thursday.

They came to buy tomatoes, squash, green beans and talk to one another face-to-face.

We saw few cell phones in use.

Most probably went home with a sack or two of fresh vegetables, but more than a few just came just for the sake of a pleasant outing. Biscuits and Jam has become a summer social event in New Albany with people visiting with the vendors and one another.

A big pile of cushions in front of the stage made an attractive place for children to practice somersaults and other improvised gymnastics.

The various weather forecasters had predicted rain during the event that runs from 4 to 7 pm Thursday nights. Happily, they were wrong. The rain held off until well into the night, until a cracking little thunder storm rolled into town between 10 pm and midnight.

The farmers’ market will be open on Thursdays, from 4:00 – 7:00 PM, through August.

Biscuits & Jam Farmers’ Market 6-21-18

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