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“Cactus Jack” Carlisle: topic and guest of Museum Moments program

cactus jack carlisle "Cactus Jack" Carlisle, of New Albany, at discussion of "Cactus Jack: Against All Odds"

The authors of a book about a football coach with a 60-year high school and college career spoke at Museum Moments last week.

“Cactus Jack” Carlisle and Walter “Bubba” Hubbard talked about Carlisle’s life and the book they co-wrote least year on that subject.
Carlisle, a member of the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame, was raised in Monroe County, MS. Although he had a leg amputated as the result of a motorcycle accident when he was 16, Carlisle went on to a colorful and successful football coaching career in Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana.

Carlisle was also a history teacher during much of his coaching career. The book, Cactus Jack: Against All Odds, emphasizes the positive influence Carlisle had on the successful lives of many well-known former players and co-workers.

Carlisle and Hubbard, who is Carlisle’s son-in-law, are both now residents of New Albany. They signed copies of the book following the Museum Moments program. Cactus Jack: Against All Odds is available locally from the Museum gift shop, and on-line at Amazon and other sites.

Museum Moments is a monthly program produced by the Union County Heritage Museum. The program features speakers on a variety of historical subjects and is at noon the third Thursday of each month at the museum on Cleveland St. in New Albany.

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