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Evening concert and fireworks close out Freedom Fest 2018

Freedom Fest 2018 The Mosley & Johnson band, along with the Muscle Shoals Horns giving fans their favorite kind of blues.

The Mosely and Johnson Band, backed by the Muscle Shoals Horns, were the headline act on New Albany’s Riverview Stage during Saturday night’s Freedom Fest 2018 entertainment.

Freedom Fest 2018

The Freedom Fest crowd was light when the evening concert got underway.

Attendance was light when the Bonfire Orchestra took the stage at 6 pm., but picked up while Paul Tate’s jazz trio was playing.

Freedom Fest 2018

The Paul Tate Trio bringing some cool jazz on a warm day.

More people flowed into the Park-Along-The-River as time came for Sam Mosely and the Mosely and Johnson Band.

2018 freedom Fest

Paul Tate, jazzing up the Freedom Fest.

Still more people, especially those bringing children, arrived during the Moseley and Johnson performance and were present for the fireworks display between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m.

freedom fest 2018

Sam Mosley, hanging out with fellow performers before taking the Riverview Stage at Freedom Fest.

Several food vendors were present and children enjoyed the amusements provided for them throughout the evening.

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