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County Board 18 March 2019: mostly roads, bridges, equipment

County Board 18 March 2019 he Union County Board of Supervisors has acquired an 11-wheel Tru-Pac 915 pneumatic roller to be used in road building and repairs by the county road department.

Much of the business of the March 18 meeting of the Union County Board of Supervisors pertained to maintaining roads and bridges.

  • The board took final action on State Aid Project SAP-73-(6)M, under which work was done during recent months on roads in all five districts. The slurry seal procedure was used to resurface about 20 miles of roads including work on county roads 515, 64, 188 and 155.
  • The county approved a manual check for $49,500 to Mid-South Machinery of Tupelo for the purchase of a Tru-Pac 915 packing machine for the county road department. The Tru-Pac 915 is a pneumatic articulating roller used for asphalt paving and soil compaction in road building and repairs. Depending on the ballast used, the machine can produce compacting weight from 1,525 to 3,400 pounds per tire.
  • The board passed a resolution naming Larry Britt as the civil engineer for a project under which two old bridges will be replaced with new ones..

In other action the board;

  • approved a bid of $144,300 for the purchase of a 25 cubic yard garbage truck for the county’s solid waste operations.
  • transferred $177,509.88 from the General Fund to the Martintown East Fund for matching a grant.

The board will meet again at 10 a.m. on Monday, April 1.


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