County Board 19 Nov. 2018: Paint, poll books, road & bridge repair

County Board 19 Nov. 2018
An unfinished paint job was discussed by the Board of Supervisors.
November 20th, 2018   nanewsweb   Government & Politics

New Albany MS, County Board 19 Nov. 2018: Roads, bridges and electronic poll books were among the items on the agenda of the Union County Board of Supervisors during its Monday, Nov. 19, meeting.

Although the item was not on the formal agenda, the uncompleted work of a Memphis painting contractor drew the interest of the supervisors. Structural Waterproofing and Restoration of Memphis completed a substantial portion of its contracted work on the Union County Courthouse several weeks ago.

However, work on restoration of some of the exterior doors of the 109-year-old building has still not been completed. The work on the doors including scraping, painting and work on the latches and other hardware. Work has not been completed on the doors of the main entrance on the north side of the building. Doors on the east side entrance have been scraped in preparation for painting, but the actual painting has not been done. The contractor has not been paid, and payment will be withheld until the work is finished.

In other business, the board received a petition to accept an existing road as a county road. Roads must be inspected to assure that they meet minimum standards before the county will accept responsibility for them. District Two Supervisor Chad Coffey and District Four Supervisor Randy Owen agreed to do the inspection on the road near State Highway 30 in District Two.

The board approved the closing of a portion of County Road 46 so repair work can be done on a bridge. Work is already underway and will be completed as soon as weather allows. Until then, a portion of the road will remain closed.

The cost of purchasing new electronic poll books for county elections will be accomplished without money being spent from county funds. The required electronic poll books are expected to cost $36,842. However, Circuit Clerk Phyllis Stanford told the board that a grant of $33,981 dollars and sale of old equipment bringing in $2,861 will cover the full cost. The grant is from federal money administered through the office of the Mississippi Secretary of State.

The supervisors approved holidays for county workers including Thanksgiving and the day after; Christmas Eve and Christmas Day; and New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Routine work such as approving fees and a list of surrendered motor vehicle tags was also done.

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