Fall 2018 Outstanding Students named at Career & Technical School

January 28th, 2019   nanewsweb   City schools Community

The following students have been selected as Outstanding Career & Technical Education students for the fall semester at the New Albany School of Career & Technical Education. Pictured in no particular order are:

Peyton Bridges (Culinary Arts II), Gabby Porter (Culinary Arts II), Paris Howell (Culinary Arts II), Jacob Dillard (Auto II), Alex Steel (Auto II), Caitlynn Osgood (Digital Media I), Parker Reid (Digital Media III), Gia Vainisi (STEM), Ana Rose Hamblin (Health Science II), Alexis Gilliam (Health Science II), Noah Willis (Engineering II), Dek’ evion Strong (Engineering II), Elbony Ratliff ( Marketing), Kalen Chaney (Marketing), Eli Norton (Construction II), Tyler Lipsey (Drafting II), Bobby Stafford (Drafting II)


Taylor McDonald (Culinary Arts II), Cameron Fair (Auto I), Eli Parks (Ag Animals and Drafting I), Michael Jones (Construction I), Anna Mims (Health Science I), Cade Crane (Digital Media I)


Harley Miller (Early Childhood I), Jada Boles (Early Childhood I), Akayla Martin (Health Science I), Chris Brennan (Engineering I), Thobi Smith (Engineering I), Chandler Barnes (Construction I), Cassidy Denning (Concepts of Ag Science & Concepts of Drafting), Rob Montgomery (Concepts of Ag Science and Concepts of Drafting), Matthew White (Intermediate Drafting), Luke Hamblin (Drafting), Eli Osgood (Auto Mechanics 1), and Ashanti Jones (Culinary Arts 1)


Jaylee Ragsdale (Family Dynamics), Jamie Lewis (Child Development), Catherine Truemper (Contemporary Health), Tabitha Greenwood (Business Fundamentals), Alex Criswell (Business Fundamentals)


Marisol Flores (Early Childhood II), Jesus Lopez (Early Childhood II), Gia Vainisi (STEM), Emma Laney (Oral Communications), Precious Harris (Oral Communications), Chloe Cobb (Digital Media I), Jenna Blades (Concepts of Ag Science), Madison Ferguson (Concepts of Ag Science)

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