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A Go Fund Me account announced for Dudley

New Albany MS Dudley Go Fund Me Chris Whiteside and Josh Self, the two NAFD firemen directly involved in the rescue of hero dog Dudley are shown at the Go Fund Me announcement for Dudley

A  Go-Fund-Me account for Dudley, the hero dog, was announced Friday afternoon in New Albany.

Dudley saved his family from serious injury or death during a home fire Tuesday night, July 30th, on Barksdale Street in New Albany.

Dudley is said to be continuing to recover at a new Albany veterinary clinic. He is eating, drinking water, eliminating. Hopes for his full recovery continue.

Friends of the New Albany Fire Department have set up a Go Fund Me account to pay for the veterinarian bills for the dogs treatment and recovery.

Dudley’s Go Fund Me Account:

Dudley does his duty: 

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