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Henry Lackey, central figure in Dickie Scruggs trial, speaks to GOP Women’s Club

A central figure in a high-profile federal criminal prosecution in 2008 spoke Monday night to the Union County Republican Women.

Retired Mississippi Circuit Court Judge Henry Lackey, the key government witness in the nationally publicized judicial bribery case that sent famous Mississippi trial lawyer Dickie Scruggs to federal prison was the guest speaker.

In an FBI sting operation, Lackey cooperated with federal authorities to request bribe money from a Scruggs associate, Timothy Balducci, then a New Albany attorney. FBI agents installed video cameras and audio recording equipment in Lackey’s Calhoun City chambers. They recorded Balducci delivering the bribe money to Lackey.

Balducci was arrested by FBI agents soon after he left Lackey. Balducci agreed to testify against Scruggs et al in a plea bargain. Scruggs and all other defendants in the case made plea deals with the federal prosecutors, and all went to federal prison for sentences of varying lengths.

Lackey has been lionized by several organizations for the part he played in helping make the case that put Scruggs in prison.

The 2011 documentary film, “Injustice — The Film” was screened for about 100 people who attended the Republican women’s meeting held in a conference room at the New Albany Holiday Inn. The film describes how trial lawyers such as Scruggs made fortunes by creating huge class action lawsuits. It describes how the case was made against Scruggs and the other defendants. The movie was backed by the U. S. Chamber of Commerce.

Following the movie Lackey spoke discussing his part in the Scruggs case and took questions from the audience.

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