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Several horses seized and relocated, local man arrested

horses seized Michael Dancy, 52

Union County Sheriff Jimmy Edwards said that his deputies seized several horses Wednesday, July 26, from a location in eastern Union County. Edwards said his officers, acting on a court order, seized the animals. Michael Dancy, age 52, of the Alpine community was arrested on misdemeanor charges related to the neglect of the animals.

Edwards said his office had received numerous complaints that the horses had been leaving Dancy’s place and were feeding on a soybean crop. One small horse was reportedly chained to a post and did not have access to water.
The horses were reportedly emaciated, had open wounds, and were infested with parasites.

Sheriff’s deputies were assisted by personnel from Animal Rescue Corp and Redemption Road Rescue of Jackson, TN. The animals are in the custody of Redemption Road.

The sheriff said Dancy had been released on bond and that the charges against him would be considered in a court hearing next week.

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  1. Joyce Morrison // July 29, 2017 at 2:30 PM //

    Terrible, terrible treatment of animals! No compassion at all. They are at the mercy of people. What a shame!

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