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Jennie Stephens Smith Library News:

For the month of January, 2017 the library had 3699 patron visits. 18 new library cards were issued for the citizens of New Albany and 22 for citizens of Union County.

The Jennie Stephens Smith Library is the gateway to technology and the internet for ALL citizens of New Albany and Union County. Libraries are no longer just a book depository for readers. Libraries have moved into the twenty first century by enabling everyone to have access to computers and the internet.

In the near future people of Mississippi may have to step up to keep our community libraries open. The state legislature is in the process of sending more budget cuts. The Jennie Stephens Smith Library is now open only 5 days a week because of budget cuts, and more cuts are in the pipeline.

Events scheduled for the Coker Speck auditorium is as follows:

Feb.  2          Girl Scouts      6:00 PM

Feb   7          Tanglefoot Christian Home Educators      1:00 PM

Feb  14         Tanglefoot Christian Home Educators      1:00 PM

Feb  16         Girls Scouts     6:00 PM

Feb  17         Life Core         9:00 AM

Feb  21          Luncheon with Books  Linda Everett will review George Washington’s Journey: the President Forges a New Nation by T.H. Breen

Feb  22          New Albany Elementary Special Needs Students – Pilot Club

From the Community

Lance Phillips says:

I can’t remember the details, but I thought there had been a story in the Gazette about the library having been left a large bequest by someone not too long ago. Am I mistaken?

Barbara Fuller Union County Library Board says:

The library was left a sum money. The money had some strings attached. It can not be used for operating expenses – salaries, utility bills, etc. The state funds are what pays salaries and keeps the doors open. The budget recommendation to the legislature for fiscal year 2018 (Which begins this summer) is to cut the Mississippi Library Commission budget to the fiscal year 2000’s level of funding. These are the state funds that go to local libraries for salaries and operation expenses. If the inherited money could be used for operations, it would only help for 1 fiscal year. Cuts in funding to all state agencies is fast reaching a tipping point. Instead of constant cuts the legislature has got to find revenue sources that pay the state’s bills.

Lance Phillips says:

Thank you for the informative response.

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