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Many Biscuits & Jam fans undeterred by soaring temperatures

Biscuits & Jam Market 6-28-18 Soaring temperatures did not deter these Mississippians from enjoying the Biscuits & Jam Farmers' Market.

The temperature in the shade was hovering at 100 degrees, but 415 people still turned out for the Biscuits & Jam Farmers’ Market, Thursday, June 28th.

As always, there was plenty of shade on the left bank of the Tallahatchie River in New Albany, but most people were practicing a vitally important Southern survival skill: moving slowly in the summertime heat. A good many attendees sat very still. Some did nothing more strenuous than staring at their cell phones, occasionally moving one finger to tap the screen if something caught their attention.

The first 50 people to ask for them got free biscuits and jam, but the heaviest demand was for cold water.

People bought tomatoes, squash, green beans, peppers and other fresh vegetables from the vendors, whose tents encircled the area. Some people arrived, bought their tomatoes and left after a few minutes. But perhaps 150 people remained for a good part of the time. It was a sort of languid lawn party in the Deep South. A good time and place to be alive.

The Biscuits & Jam Farmers’ Market is open every Thursday evening, through August, 4:00-7:00 pm, near the river bridge in downtown New Albany.


Faces of the Biscuits & Jam Farmers’ Market 6-28-18

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