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NAES Bullpup Pride award winners for April 25th

The following students at New Albany Elementary School received the Bullpup Pride Recognition Award because of their positive behavior during the week of April 25.

NAES Bullpup Pride Award winners, April 25, 2016

NAES Bullpup Pride Award winners, April 25, 2016

Pictured in no particular order are:  Zion Woods, Isebella White, Asia Rooker, Ricky McAlister, Gracie Mardis, Jacqueline Guerrero, Daysia Carson, Travell Bowen, Logan Bowen, Stephenie Nolen, Asiah Rogers, Moran Pierce, Ilia Black, Macon Lyons, Keinario King, Patrick Gibbs, Marli Blades, Grayson Alexander, Ailynn Rodriguez, Casen Crotts, Gus Payne, Kaylee Turner, Angel Fox, Ivan Vargas, Leah Harrison, Mante Smith, Nayelo Pech, Abby Miller, Gabby Colston, Caleb George, Holly Swain, Isheiry Perez, Savanna Trice, Sarah Simpson, Kara Morrisson, Easton Hatcher, Jevon Smith, Ashton Jones, Angela Zhuang, Chris Tiscareno, & Mason McNeely.

Melanie Shannon

Public Relations

New Albany Schools

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