NAES hosts annual EXCEL Expo

New Albany MS 2019 EXCEL expo country research
Stephenie Nolan with her country project -South Korea- at 2019 EXCEL expo
May 14th, 2019   nanewsweb   City schools Community

The EXCEL classes at New Albany Elementary School hosted the annual EXCEL Expo on May 2-3.

The Expo gave parents, families, and friends the opportunity to see and learn about the students’ projects for the year.

2019 EXCEL expo state research

Harper Howard with her Florida state research project.

EXCEL expo wax museum

Dallas Isby as BB King

  • Second grade students studied famous Mississippians and presented a wax museum.
  • Third grade students did a state research project.
  • Fourth grade students did a country research project.
  • Fifth grade students prepared art work to be sold in a silent auction with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. Artwork included furniture, jewelry, and recyclable art

Melanie Shannon
Public Relations
New Albany Schools

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