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NAHS art students and life skills classes create “Off We Go” banner for Special Olympics

special olympics NAHS art students and life skills students work on "Off We Go" banner.

The New Albany High School Life Skills classes of Mrs. Corie Hill are gearing up for the Special Olympics competition which will be held at Tupelo High School later this month.

As part of the ceremony and competition, a parade of student athletes carrying banners will begin the day. This year, senior Morgan Ellis has been chosen to carry the Special Olympics flag for the entire parade, a distinctive honor. In addition to her carrying the flag, the other athletes from New Albany will be carrying a banner in the theme of “Off We Go” which will compete with other banners from participating schools.

The Gifted Art 3-4 students at NAHS assisted Mrs. Hill’s students with the creation of the banner in class. To carry out the theme of “Off We Go,” students came up with the idea of a galaxy and outer space theme. Pictured are students working on the “galaxy” style background for the banner.

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