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Career & Technical Nontraditional Day

Nontraditional Day was celebrated on Friday, February 8, 2019, at the New Albany High School of Career and Technical Education. There were 155 freshmen students who participated in the event.

Christy Paul, Student Services Coordinator, organized this event as a recruitment tool to reach students who may be interested in careers with 25% or less female or male workers in a particular career pathway.

The 2019 theme for the Nontraditional Day event was “You Are Meant To Find Success In A Nontraditional Career!”. Recruitment of nontraditional students helps to improve the opportunity for students to explore careers that may prepare them for high skill, high wage occupations for nontraditional employment in new and emerging careers.

During Nontraditional Day the technical/skill instructor and his or her students provided a How-To-Clinic related to their career and technical program. How-to-Clinics are done to offer an excerpt from class curricula to encourage students to explore and start to think of future career interests. It also provides time for students to learn about the opportunities available to those who choose to prepare to work in a nontraditional setting.

This is the fourteenth year New Albany has participated in nontraditional recruitment. As a result of activities relating to Nontraditional Day, there has been a significant increase in nontraditional enrollment.










Trauma Training

Donna Grisham, the Regional Administrator with North Mississippi Trauma System, provided trauma training for seniors at New Albany High School on January 24.

Earth & Space Science

Students in Kati Kent’s Earth & Space Science second semester class at New Albany High School recently studied the universe, our solar system, and stars/galaxies.  Students constructed a model of the solar system as part of the unit of study.


Science and lab activities

Students in the Life Skills class at New Albany High School has been visiting science classes and participating in lab activities. On January 10, they visited Kati Kent’s Earth and Space Science class. The students used the scientific method to study the properties of bubble gum. On January 14, they visited Summer Tyer’s Biology class and participated in the lab activity, “Murder and a Meal”, where they solved the case using DNA.


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