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Alderman-at-Large Candidate joins city election slate (2-17)

New Albany city election The New Albany city general election is June 6th.

New Albany, MS-  The most recent to enter the city election field is Larry Dykes. Dykes qualified for Alderman At Large. He lives at 106 Garfield, which is Ward 1.

The city election will be held Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017.

Candidates for the Municipal election must qualify before 5 p.m. Friday, March 3.

Current qualifiers the for New Albany municipal election are:

  • Mayor
    • Tim Kent, Democrat, Incumbent
    • Jeff Olson, Republican, currently as Ward 1 Alderman as a Democrat
  • Chief of Police
    • Chris Robertson, Incumbent, Democrat
  • Alderman Ward 1
    • Scott Dunnam, Democrat, currently serving as Alderman-at-Large as Democrat
    • Catania Spears Windom, Democrat
    • Amy Livingston, Republican
  • Alderman Ward 2
    • Johnny Anderson, Democrat, Incumbent
  • Alderman Ward 3
    • Kevin Dale White, Democrat, Incumbent
    • Chris Buford, Democrat
  • Alderman Ward 4
    • Will Tucker, Republican, Incumbent
  • Alderman-at-Large
    • Keith Conlee, Republican
    • David Brown, Republican
    • Larry Dykes, Democrat

Salaries of positions up for re-election:

  • The office of mayor pays an annual salary of $84,332.
  • The New Albany police chief’s  position pays $64,226 annually.
  • New Albany aldermen earn an annual salary of $15,405.
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