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Northside Garden Club Earth Day art contest winners

earth day 2018 l-r: Kenny Roberts, NAES Assistant Principal; Emily Murff, Art Rotation Teacher; Indya Conner; Carly Pegues, Jerry Hernandez; Amy Livingston, Alderwoman-Ward 1; and Ninabeth Capaning, NAES Teacher & Historic Northside Garden Club member. Not pictured is Leah Carodine.

The Historic Northside Garden Club sponsored the first annual Earth Day Art Contest at New Albany Elementary School. Emily Murff, art rotation teacher and member of the Historic Northside Garden Club taught students in grades 2nd-5th a lesson on Walter Anderson and his conservationist views and expression through art.

Each student was asked to paint or draw their Walter Anderson inspired piece. Winners were chosen from each grade and awarded a monetary prize from the Conservation Committee of the Historic Northside Garden Club.

All winners’ pictures will be on display at the Union County Heritage Museum.

Who is Walter Anderson?:  Walter Inglis Anderson (September 29, 1903 – November 30, 1965) was an American painter, writer, and dabber.  Anderson worked as a designer in the family business,Sherwater Pottery, founded by his older brother Peter. In 1928-29 he designed his earliest ceramic pieces: pelican and crab bookends, lampstands, peculiar “Resting” and “Sitting Geometric Cats,” a “Horse and Rider” and innumerable plates and vases. His work as a designer and decorator at Shearwater Pottery, from 1928 until his death included incised pieces, sgraffito work, underglaze decoration, woodcarvings of saints, and designs for furniture. Anderson’s work was, partially destroyed when Hurricane Katrina struck Ocean Springs in 2005.  (information from Wikipedia)  Walter Anderson Museum of Art

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