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Operation Ice Crusher: 33 arrests, charges, bonds “so far”

Union County MS arrests, charges, bonds The pre-dawn serving of an arrest warrant: Knocking on door. “Open up. Police!”

New Albany Police provided with information on 33 arrests, charges, bonds resulting from Operation Ice Crusher.  The information included 26 available photos.

The operation began in the pre-dawn hours of April 11th, 2019. According to New Albany Police Chief Chris Robertson, there have been 33 arrests “so far” of the 51 persons for whom arrest warrants have been issued. The 51 are all charged with drug-related crimes.

The NAPD anticipates that further arrests will occur.

Photos of 26 of 33 persons processed in Operation Ice Crusher 4-11-2019:

PDF List of arrests, charges, bonds (coordinated by number): Operation Ice Crusher arrests and charges 4-11-19


More about Operation Ice Crusher:


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