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Outstanding Career & Technical students first nine weeks

New Albany Career & Technical School names outstanding students of first nine weeks

New Albany, MS- The following students have been selected as Outstanding Career & Technical Education students for the first nine weeks at the New Albany School of Career & Technical Education: (Click to enlarge/download photos)

Mikael Knowlton (Culinary Arts II), Josh Nicholson (Engineering II), Daisy Huerta (Drafting II), Arianna Golden (Early Childhood II), Austin Schallock (Carpentry), Elias Colyer (Auto Service II), Erica Gregory (Health Science II), Tabitha Greenwood (Nutrition and Wellness), Hayden Anderson (Agriculture Animals), Kris Hays (Agriculture Plants), Clayton Ledbetter (Agriculture Environment), Mason Armstrong (Digital Media II), Taylor Huffman (Oral and Electronic Communications), Sydney Meggs (Marketing), and Ana Loreto (Marketing).

Haley Holston (Concepts of Ag Science), Hannah Harris (Digital Media I), Ethan Wilson (Concepts of Drafting), Esteban Contereras (Intermediate Drafting), Aliyah Jackson (Culinary Arts I), and Taylor Willis (Health)

Sarah Duley (Early Childhood I), Johnathan Morton (Construction), Austin Garrison (Construction), Alexis Barnes (Auto Service I), Jamie Lewis (Engineering I), McKenzie Rhynes (Drafting I), Clay Nance (STEM), Ashley Payne (Child Development), Natalie Robbins (Health Science I), and Kaitlin Cavender (Business Fundamentals).

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